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~ New ~ Focalizing Enhancers, Dancing Light Orchid Essences, Wild Divine Essences To learn more, click to go to Essence eshop.

You can now purchase essence consultations on this site: whether you are local to Fairbanks, Alaska, live in the lower 48 states, or you live in another country, you can can now prepay, schedule, and receive your personal essence consultation.

Consultations can be in person, via email, skype (if all the technology is working well on both ends), or via telephone. For details please click Essence Consultations.

Being Intentional When You Use Essences

Intentionality, as I experience it, is focusing attention on intentions; pausing to allow oneself to be aware of what is envisioned, what one is creating as a conscious co-creative being participating in this life in this moment.

Essences come to us as gifts of this Conscious Creation, gifts of whole and complete intelligence which intends to assist us as we journey through life.

Essences are subtle, yet powerfully profound expressions of consciousness that vibrate with wholeness, with intention sparking out of the “one everything and nothing”, for those of us who use these energy medicines to reconnect with our authenticity of selfSelf, to re-calibrate our vibrations, our energies, our habitual thoughts, emotions, energetic patterns.

We are able to also create shifts and changes in our physical bodies with essences by addressing first the subtle structures within us that are manifest from the most subtle layers of energy and intention to the most tangible physical expressions of intention as form.

It is nature being compassionately aware of us, even keeping track of us (in my experience), that is reaching out to us, into us, to enliven our spirits, our senses, our awareness, our humanity, and to soothe our sometimes troubled hearts.

We are loved in this life by a love that is borne of the great omni-love. Life doesn’t always feel loving when we hit bumpy places in the road, when our own thoughts and feeling are tumultuous.

Essences, through their intentions, coupled with our intentions are able to help us adjust, change, shift paradigms, release, heal, open, and grow more love within our hearts.

Essences are beautiful, subtle gifts best used with intention to allow you, the user to consciously experience how they flow through your chakras, flow into your heart, how they feel in your energy field, how you make gentle shifts in your energies and consciousness, in your emotional body, with your thoughts, with your habits.

Essences will work with you even if you just take them and do not pause to be aware of the energetic conversation you can have, because they are intentional, they know their purpose for you when you select and take them.

What you may not realize is that you can co-create with the essences, if you will pause to allow their energies to re-vibrate your so you shift into harmony with nature, with your true nature.

You may not realize that the consciousness of the essences would love to take you on a journey into their energies, into the subtle realms of the flowers, the orchids, their essence and subtleties. Intentionally pause, focus, allow and be.

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